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Disrupting the Male Cycle - Enforced Chastity

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Women understand and accept their cycles and the physical, sexual and emotional changes which many women experience during the course of a lunar month. What is less understood or accepted is the possibility that men have a similar cycle. The science on this is inconclusive. But there are strong suggestions that there is a daily, monthly and even seasonal fluctuation in the main male hormone, testosterone.

My own observation of elliot over the years strongly suggests a daily cycle with the standard early morning surge and a dramatic tailing off by about four in the afternoon. Sexually this means if I want a delicious, rough, ride I uncage the tiger before breakfast and if I want my own pleasure after lunch or, even better, after dinner is ideal.

I have never seen much seasonal variation in elliot. He is friskier and less alert in summer but I am not sure that isn't just the heat.

The question of a monthly cycle is interesting because, before I began to led our marriage and for some years after there was a distinct cycle which I could measure against my own. Once we had been together for a few years I found that elliot was at peak "irritability" (one possible measure of testosterone levels) right as I was ovulating. Do men "synch" up with the women they love? I have no idea but the whole issue of my husband having "monthly peak irritability" was one of the reasons I took charge of our marriage and elliot's discipline and training.

I wanted to channel that "irritability" into increased work performance and more useful attention to me and our marriage. Now, along with that irritability there was no question that at that time of the month elliot's sexual urges peaked as well. In fact I had to whip him several times for either coming without permission or simply pestering me for sex too often.

Now, as it happens, my own sexual interest peaks when I ovulate so it was no bad thing for elliot to be interested; but that interest needed to be controlled. A man in his position does not demand sex or even ask for it, he is given the privilege of seeing to his wife's sexual needs which may, from time to time, involve his sexual participation. But usually not.

While a good stiff whipping will certainly keep even the most amorous husband in his place it is not really a good long term solution. Especially when a dominant wife wants her obedient husband to be full of testosterone so he can thrive in the business world and bring her the rewards of his success.

It is early days yet because elliot has only been in his cock cage full time for a few months but I am beginning to see an unanticipated benefit to strictly limiting a man's orgasms and even erections: his cycle is disrupted. And in a quite interesting way. Rather than shaving the peaks of his testosterone production, caging elliot and keeping him chaste but on sexual edge seems to have "filled the valleys".

No, that does not mean my sweet elliot is irritable all the time; instead it means that he is really very horny indeed all the time. He is much more attentive to me but, and this is important, he is much more focused on his work in the hopes of pleasing me. Elliot realizes that his only chance of sexual relief is when I am very much in the mood and, truth to tell, my mood is, as often as not, a product of how pampered and secure I feel.

Yes, I suspect we are all just cave men and women at heart. But a full larder and a few vintage handbags are a powerful aphrodisiac as they have been through history. A really well trained submissive husband knows he will only be released from his cage when the Lady of the House wants him so he does all he can to create the right mood.

Not, of course, that elliot has any choice in the matter. I want him chaste, I have him in a chastity cage and I have the keys. He has agreed to submit to my authority and, if he is foolish enough to object or, worse, beg to be let out he knows I will whip him hard and often until he remembers his obedience.

Controlling your husband's hormone cycle is just one more way a dominant wife is able to enjoy her life while enhancing her husband's. I strongly recommend it.

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  1. I certainly have seasonal cycles. I had recently gone back through 5 years of emails since I met my Mistress and it was uncanny how the same issues would come up around the same time each year. I have a morning peak of horniness and I actually get a second round of that around bed time. I haven't noticed my own monthly cycle however. Like elliot I have just started being locked up 24/7 for an extended period which I hope to be for many months. I am hoping to reap the benefits you mention as well as others expressed in Tantric and Taoist theory's.

  2. I feel like my mood and attentiveness to my goddess peaks after about 10 days of chastity, then stays high through three to four weeks. She has been experimenting with longer terms of chastity to see how my mood is altered. I'm at around two weeks now and would do anything to keep her beautiful face smiling!

  3. A free man likes to cum every 2-4 days. I havent been caged longer than 4 days, but irritability is coming from your abuse of your slave. He will get over this. I am at his 26 yrs with the same wife. I never disobey her anymore or show irritability I hope. The other day she was mad at me. She got my clothes said we r going for a ride, This means we go to a parking lot and she smacks me hard in the face uses her shoe to hit my balls. I was not in the mood, but I did what I was told. I think he knew I wasnt in the mood ,she hasnt disciplined me in a few days. I am trained either daily or every 2 days. This keeps her orders fresh in my head.

  4. I am getting writing lessons lately. My last one was to write ways I am motivates to serve , her trainin techniques. I came up with 32 of them. So we have a different way to make me serve every day of the month. some are bondage 2 hrs or more, being forced to stay in my closet kneeling 2 hrs. Bowing to her. Massagin her, giving her oral often for 8 hrs. I only get it when I behave. spending money on her. ballbusting daily . chores, She controls if i get to eat. she can make me sleep on a hard floor, put a collar on me made me crawl on all 4s, and drink from a dog dish. I have to clean her ass daily too.

  5. she controls if i get to cum most important. I always ask permission to cum. I must pay a fine for JO ing w/o permission

  6. Great article I am in an enforced chastity relationship as well. Crystal leads our relationship much like you. Check out our blog at