Thursday, 7 January 2016


elliot is chatting about his complete acceptance of my dominance and his submission over at his blog today. I am pretty sure what he means to say is that he has entirely surrendered to my authority. Unconditionally.

His cock cage and now ball spreader and the girdle he doesn't even remember he is wearing are all tokens of this surrender. But they are just tokens. I hold the keys to rather more than his silly little cock.

A much more basic indication of his capitulation is his daily morning date with my panties in his corner. I don't tell him to go, he gets out of bed, brushes his teeth, picks up my pretty panties and stands naked in his corner until I tell him he can come out. It has become a part of him.

In a long-term female led relationship a well trained husband goes from trying to compromise or trim or negotiate with his wife to accepting her commands, demands and decisions to genuinely craving her authority. elliot is never happier than when I tell him I want my boots polished or my back rubbed. I think he might be a little resentful that Mady now rinses out my lingerie; but she tells me she has him do hers so it all balances.

Obeying me without question or hesitation fills a need in elliot. And, as that need has been filled he has become more attentive, productive and wonderfully loving. He is, delightfully, a surrendered husband and I take very good care of him.

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  1. Nothing like the smell of my owners pantys. I ask her to put them in my pillow case so I can smell her all night. I love the panty corner idea. I often get up before master, I get on all fours head to the groung in a position of respect, ready for my obedience training. I am a full-time salve now, I do not want freedom. I love serving Master. She picked the name Master. I know many doms who hate the name, probably bcuz it suggests male superiority ,a idea that is long gone.