Monday, 4 January 2016

#Elegant #Discipline

Every so often I go on a little hunt for interesting art to illustrate this blog with. I have a broad sense of what I am looking for. I like femdom art which is suggestive not explicit. I very nearly ruled out elliot's picture today but decided that it was a pretty good representation of what Mady had him do in order to become aroused.

I suspect my difficulty stems from the fact I don't see female domination as a particular "fetish"; rather it is one way for an elegant woman to organize the pleasures of a good marriage. As I have written before, the fact elliot is obedient and submissive is, to my mind, very much how I want my world to be. But I also want him all strong and alpha anywhere other than our home or when we are out as a couple. In return I make sure his needs are, if not taken care of, then rigorously controlled. His real need is to be surrounded with forbidden sexual pleasures so he stays on that delicious edge which make men so much more considerate and empathic.

I also make sure that he always has a beautiful, well dressed, polished woman to love and cherish. That he is not allowed to actually have me very often makes the tension all the more real and all the more effective. He stays locked up in his little cock cage but he watches as I dress and undress, he sees my pretty lingerie, my stockings, my panties. And, if he is very lucky, he catches a glimpse of my body; but just a glimpse because I am with the French women who never let their husbands see them fully naked.

So, grrrr, why can't I find drawings and photos of elegant women being worshiped by handsome, submissive, strong, obedient men? If you have some send them along.

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  1. my ability to serve full time is a direct result of giving up control of my orgasms, master has to give me permission or I am fined. When i feel disobedient it is mostly cuz i cum too often, great point u dont feel that u dominate, u only want pleasure. You deserve it. I cannot be a good trustworthy husband unless she is 100% in control. At one time I felt it would never happen. IT HAS.