Saturday, 16 January 2016


Dominant Wife, Submissive Husband, male chastity
If you decide to lock your husband in a cock cage as I have done you need to remember that his humiliation will be all the more complete and his obedience more ingrained if you remind him of his position.

As elliot relates at his blog, this morning I was in the mood for a little penetrative pleasure before I enjoyed myself. If there is one thing I can count on it is that first thing in the morning elliot's small, but perfectly adequate, cock will be ready. More than ready really.

It was delightful to unlock him, watch his cock spring to attention and have him lie with his hands behind his back while I enjoyed the delightful feeling of having a cock in me. elliot knows that he is allowed to rise to meet my thrusts but he is not allowed to thrust on his own. We call these strokes and I like to give them to him ten at a time. I left his ball stretcher on as I like the look of the stainless steel cuff. He's been locked up for a few days so, not wanting him to come, I gave him twenty strokes and sent him to his corner with my moist panties while I finished what I had started. Bliss.

All the more so because, unless I pinch his nipples, elliot knows he is not allowed to come. As I played with myself I could see his rather firm butt cheeks clenching as his little cock tried for relief. He knows he is not allowed to touch himself so there was no chance he'd come.

In fact, when I rang for Mady to lock him back in his cage his erection had subsided.

As Mady led him to his cold shower I motioned him over to my side of the bed and gave him a very deep kiss.

"Later." was all I said.


  1. "LATER" Is all the hope a man needs,Gives us something to think about,look forward to.Thanks for the new posts,Im enjoying them.

  2. Love the "strokes" method. May share with my mistress. Also the nipple pinching is a great way to take the pleasure out of his orgasams when you allow them;)

  3. Sound like u control elliot completely .Master controls m orgasm. Lately she is getting laxed ,I cum w/o permission. I am not thrilled with this.