Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Portrait of a Marriage

dominant wife, submissive husband
I was watching a documentary last night about the marvelous Iris Apfel. While her style is not my style I enjoyed the sheer performance of the woman.

I also could not help but notice the position her beloved husband of 67 years had occupied in her life. She was a force of nature. Carl was, apparently, entirely content to follow in her wake. He photographed her, helped her run her business, arranged their hotels and homes.

Said Iris of Carl "I figured he was cool, and he was cuddly, and he cooked Chinese". Carl lived to be 100.

Understanding the dynamics of female led relationships can sometimes confuse people. There is an assumption that the male must be a bit dweeby to accept the primacy of his wife. In fact, an elegant, stylish woman wants an elegant, stylish man who, if she is the dominant partner, accepts his position willingly and gratefully.

I can keep elliot's little cock in its cage, have him wear panty girdles and a nighty to bed each night but I want him to be a man I can show off when I choose. I see no contradiction. That I keep him chaste most of the time does not diminish his sexual allure and the fact I whip him does not break his wonderful, male, spirit. When he reads in Church only I know that his cock is caged and that he has a teddy on under his sweater. He gives his submission to me and, unless I decide I want to reveal it, it is our private life.

On occassion I will humiliate elliot in public or humble him in private; but, what I love about elliot is that he accepts his humiliations and punishments without losing his personality. He is better behaved but never broken.

Just as I want him.

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  1. My wife and I watched the same documentary two days ago. What a fascinating woman! There were some great lessons there about being a confident woman. I also like the line where she was told by an employer that she was not pretty, but that she had something even better, style. That style or attitude was much more lasting and productive than "pretty".
    Your "portrait of a marriage" of your relationship with elliot is delightfully elegant and stylish.
    (and inspirational)

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  3. I would like to comment that there are very much varying degrees of subjugation needed to make the male be a satisfying partner for the woman. The example here is quite an extreme one. I personally would be happy with more subjugation but my wife is not that comfortable with it. What she wants is me hungry and keen when she is in the mood for sex. My main problem is an inability to resist masturbating when I am horny, which then can leave me disinterested in sex with my wife. She knows this and I know this. Therefore whenever she goes to work I put myself in my cage and give her the key. I am unlocked in the evenings and at weekends. The act of unlocking in the evening can often spark interest in sex from both of us! If we are having a hot weekend away she may practise some orgasm denial just to make sure I don't flag!

  4. i want to hear about the public humiliation. I told master to do this to me. She made me get her 800 in cash. She asked me for it at breakfast in a restaurant, As I handed it to her she flaunted it, spread the 20 dollar bills for all to see, She said a guy was whispering to his wife look at this. Probably thought she was a hooker. I walked past that couple proud ,with my head held high as the couple cowered.

  5. she held the 20's like a deck of cards fanning herself .it was a site. I am proud of my formerly shy wife.I may have been embarrassed for a few seconds. The power of pussy took over, better for me to be proud.

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