Friday, 8 January 2016

Surprise Emission

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Men being the funny creatures they are they can be humiliated very easily while they have fun.

I had elliot ejaculate in front of our lovely maid Mady. He had been in his cage for rather a long time, I don't actually remember how long, and when I told him I would let him out to fill his cup he was delighted.

I have to admit I can be entirely clinical about the ejaculatory habits of men. There is really nothing so very complex and most men have been playing with themselves since they were young teenagers. If a man has not come for a while and you tell him to make a splash he'll get his business done in no time. Which was the point I wanted to make to Mady.

elliot, of course, is nipple trained. I am not saying he can't ejaculate without having his nipples pinched, but it takes much longer. So I pinched his nipples, he stroked his little cock, made his mess, drank it, licked the cup and was back in his cock cage all of 9o seconds after I unlocked him.

As I explained to Mady before I put on this little demonstration, it is important that a submissive man never be allowed to come without supervision and without a degree of humiliation. Setting up the situation, taking a very matter of fact approach, pinching the nipple hard, making sure to make a little fun of his little cock, belittling him a bit as he reaches climax - it is the little things which make a forced ejaculation a wonderfully pleasurable but completely humbling experience. Having Mady there to watch just added a little frisson to elliot's enjoyable subjugation.

I am very much enjoying teach Mady a few of the things I have learned in my own journey to female dominance. It is always going to be up to her as to whether, when she is ready, she will want a submissive husband; but she will certainly know how to command if she does.

elliot was ever so grateful for his surprise humbling. Quite wonderful really.

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  1. Master often farts in my mouth it fills my lungs or stomach. I thought that was what u meant be emission. I ask Master If she wants me to cum in a cup ,so I can drink it, she always says no. I asked if I could drink from toilet, I eat her ass so often I love the taste and beg for golden and brown showers, I get gold not brown.