Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Preparing the Ground

I haven't been spanking Elliot nearly enough recently. Partly because he has been very good, partly because I have not felt like it. But he has been working very hard and, I fear, is a bit grumpy. Can't have that. So he needs to be whipped.

Now, the truth is that he loves being whipped when he's been chaste for a week or two. Rush of hormones and all. But I want him to get the full benefit of his delayed whipping. So I had him stand beside our bed, his cute white cotton nightie tucked out of the way, and I made him masturbate into his cup, drink it and go to sleep.

he was only allowed a minute of two to make his mess. I love rushing him. He gets some pleasure but not nearly as much as when I use his little cock for my greater pleasure. In any case, he obediently came, didn't spill a drop and drained his cup - which he doesn't like much - when I told him to.

Now, when I whip him tomorrow he'll really feel the cane with none of those built up sexual hormones to take the edge off. It actually made me quite excited to think of him dropping his jeans and lying across our bed ready to take his stripes.

It will cheer him up no end.

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