Wednesday, 28 May 2014


When you lead the household you are responsible for disciplining your husband. Now, part of that is punishment as required; but part of it is attitude adjustment and obedience re-enforcement. I realized a few days ago that Elliot was in real need of a good hard whipping. He was getting cranky and not paying me nearly the attention he should. Plus his work was consuming him and he needed to be taken to a different place.

He has written up his whipping at his own site here. I have nothing to add except it was exciting to bring the cane down hard enough to leave a welt with nearly every stroke. Elliot was bucking and vocalizing for the last half dozen. I'll have to properly restrain him next time.

The results have been amazing. A well whipped man is an attentive, loving, relaxed and very grateful man. He was up early making my tea and wiping down the kitchen. Yesterday evening he was loving and very respectful at dinner and went straight to bed when told. He knew I was not at all in heat but he asked very nicely if there was anything he could do for my pleasure.

So, a good, strict caning twice a week whether he deserves it or not will be my watch word for the summer. I think Elliot simply is a better man, husband and lover when his bottom is welted and a little bruised.

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