Tuesday, 29 October 2013

You Can Look

Love Sheer
But you can't touch.

I've decided to keep j chaste until Halloween. He's not happy about it as it will mean he has not ejaculated for more than a month - longest run ever!

But it has certainly kept him on a nice edge. I have been having great fun with my night wear. I love sheer, transparent, comfortable nighties. Just wisps of fabric.

So does he. And I am enjoying watching his poor, frustrated, cockette coming to attention as I comb my hair or read in bed. He longs for me but four years of training mean that he knows better than to even ask. I have always loved my body and its effect; but that effect is some much more interesting when the man who loves me has not had one second's sexual relief for over a month. He has a little wet spot right at the tip of his cockette which means he is dripping pre-cum. Sweet.

Two more days...I wonder what I will do. I could just have him masturbate into his little cup and then dress him up for Halloween; but I am sure I can think of something more fun...

Any thoughts?


  1. Any thoughts? Yes! You could tease him and get him all worked up. Then ride him ever so slowly while talking dirty to him. Tell him he must tell you right before he cums...when he says he's going to cum pull off of him and pin his arms to his sides and ruin his orgasm. Of course tease and humiliate him while it's happening ;)