Monday, 28 October 2013


A chaste man is an attentive man
So, poor e, passed his one month no ejaculation mark. He is getting that hang dog look of a man throughly whipped without actually having the stripes to prove it.

But heavens has he been attentive, particularily the last week where I have kept him in control panties by day and a tight panti girdle for bed. there is nothing he can do except try to please me.

He ran a delightful bubble bath last night and helped me change into my robe. I had him strip to his panties and stand in the corner of the bathroom, nose to my fresh panties, as he waited to soap my back and then dry me. I was not in the mood for anything else so I sent him to change into his panti girdle and white cotton nightie. I gave his cockette a little tease as he was trying to pull up his girdle. It is even more fun when he has to encase an erection under the pink lycra front panel.

"Now, darling, you may read for ten minutes and then lights out."

He gave me a little moan as I bent to kiss him good night and pinched his right nipple, hard, through the thin cotton of his nightie.

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