Sunday, 23 February 2014

Chastity Girdle

One of my delightful readers has purchased the pretty little girdle shown above from Amazon.

While it is actually a butt lifting girdle and, I have to say, makes Elliot's little tush look most inviting, I use it for light chastity purposes. The open back allows for easy caning but it is wonderfully tight and flat in front

While Elliot is wonderfully obedient and I think well trained, I just don't want to be bothered with his little cockette most of the month. I can have him masturbate but I usually like to whip him prior to allowing him to come. Which takes a bit of time which I don't always have.

Putting him in this light chastity girdle means it is difficult, but not impossible, for him to get hard. I don't mind him being hard but he is forbidden to touch his cockette in any way without my permission. I rarely give that permission and this little girdle reminds him of his position.

It is wonderfully inexpensive, $7.95 plus shipping, and I have half a dozen of them. Three are small, for real constriction and three are medium so he is confined but not too uncomfortable.

With the backless design he has no choice but to sit to pee. Which I require in any case.

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