Saturday, 1 February 2014

What fun

I have been enjoying my flirtation with my older gentleman friend. Yesterday we went off in his pretty Jag to find a few things I've needed. Lucky me I found a beautiful, new with tags, white side zip open bottomed girdle and a gorgeous black bra. Such fun buying these with my gentleman friend know my lovely husband will be wondering if I modelled them for him.

I didn't but when my husband asked I simply told him it was none of his business. It is in the nature of his position that he must accept my right to do precisely as I want. Which is hard for him.

So I think he'll need a reminder whipping this weekend. Not maintenance - an actual punishment whipping with the message that he is never even to ask me what I do or don't do with whom ever I wish. There is never any harm in re-enforcing a lesson a man has not quite learnt.

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