Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Kissing the Rose

Every once in a while, after my shower, I like to have Elliot pay a bit of oral attention to my pretty backdoor. It is an odd sensation feeling him push his tongue in knowing he is otherwise never allowed to.

I am not even sure I like the feeling but I still tell him, “Further up. Get your tongue where it belongs. Where I want it.”

Once he is all the way in he has to try to stimulate me with the very tip of his tongue. It sort of tickles and, after a few minutes I will have had enough. He always looks so lovingly embarrassed as he gets off his knees, face flushed.

“Now go to your corner you dirty boy.”

I wonder if I should soap his mouth clean. He hates being soaped and I only use that punishment if he swears more than is seemly. I like to let him stand in his corner for a few minutes as I get dressed before sending him to rinse out his mouth. He will certainly have my taste as his little cockette gets hard thinking about what I've just had him do.

Starting his day in this position makes my lovely husband all the more loving and humble throughout his day. Plus it is quick and, other than the tickling, more than a little stimulating.


  1. An enjoyable start to the day. I love doing this with my wife, but it tends to be after she has had a bit too much to drink and she loses her inhibitions.

  2. I think Elliot secretly enjoys it as well. But that is not why I have him do it. I want him to be reminded of his position and spending ten minuted with his tongue as far up my bottom as he can push it and then being sent to his corner makes his place very clear.

    1. I enjoy it too, and it is no secret to my Mistress. I cold live there! *smile