Thursday, 6 March 2014

Quick and to the Point

A dominant wife has to keep track of where her husband actually is. While regular maintenance whippings are ideal in some cases, they can also become routine.

I like to surprise Elliot as I did after dinner last night.

"Go into our bedroom and take your position." I said after he had cleared the table. He looked a little surprised but hastened to obey. About a minute later I came in to find him stretched out over the corner of our bed his trousers at his ankles.

"I don't want to take much time tonight so no warm up and six hard." With that I started.

Whipping Elliot is necessary and a bit fun. Whipping him quite hard with six strokes delivered in less than a minute, each one leaving a lovely red welt, is actually just how I like to whip him. He may want ritual, I want results. And I got them: on the last stroke he yelped a little and arched his back straight up.

"There, we're done. Pull up your pants and join me at the dinner table."

He pulled up his pants and then knelt before me. "Thank you Hannah." was all he said. As he should.

I really should do this more often.


  1. Those surprise "you're going to punished now" moments are special. Living with kids like we do means that time spent alone is precious and not as frequent as we would like. I really enjoy your blog.

  2. I can think of no greater honour than to have you whip me for no other reason than it amuses you to do so.

    I want so much for my pain to be your pleasure.