Saturday, 22 November 2014

That's better

I have been experimenting with elliot's cock cage. We have established that he can be caged pretty much full time for as long as I want. The question has been how long that actually is.

elliot is two things: first, chaste unless I permit him to come. Second, nipple trained - basically, unless I am pinching his nipples quite hard, even if he is erect and thrusting he is not allowed to come. Which means that his cage is not keeping him chaste, it is doing something else.

At one level having his sweet little cock in its cage is just another way of reminding elliot of his position. He has no sexual rights in our marriage and that is just the way we both like it. But the cage also isolates his cock. While he is never allowed to touch his cock without asking permission there are moments where he gains a certain amount of stimulation from rubbing, or wearing his girdle or even just against the sheets. With his cock in its soft cage that stimulation is gone.

I prefer to be the sole source of elliot's pleasure or frustration. The cock cage enforces that situation. When I came home from shopping and elliot handed me the key he knew he was going to stay locked in until I let him out. I suspect he also was acutely aware of the fact he has not been allowed to come for nearly three weeks. All the while taking his micro doses of Viagra.

His behaviour has been far from perfect so locking him up will need to be accompanied by a good caning or two...But first it's time to give him something to make his little cock uncomfortably hard, I am going to have him lace up my corset for cocktails. Maybe I'll whip him as well. We'll see.

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