Friday, 7 November 2014

Not One Thing It's Another

What a silly week or two. Lots to write about but just as elliot was about to write our wonderfully remote power went out.

Well, there are many things you can do by candle light. Many. Especially with a delightful, obedient husband who has his little penis locked in a soft cage. No danger of mess with my pleasure and elliot is growing quite resigned to the fact he is pretty much going to be wearing his cage full time.

He did beg briefly as I had not let him out on Halloween as he thought I night. A quick caning and half an hour en femme in his corner reminded him that it is always my choice and it is vulgar to plead.

He's been delightfully docile since and contentedly making Kincle books which makes him hard. His cage makes that uncomfortable but not impossible.

I told him to put up a couple of free books and here they are:

We had great fun shooting some of the pictures in this book. I styled the lovely young and remarkably well build young lady and elliot, under my direction, had fun shooting them.

Half way through the shoot it was quite obvious that he was enjoying himself a little too much so I asked the girl if she had a nice wooden hairbrush, took elliot to her bedroom, shut the door and spanked him until his little cock settled down. I fear out model quite enjoyed the noise and was all the sexier for the remainder of the shoot. You can get the book free here.

This is the first of our Spic and Span series of reprints of the famous 1950's early 60's British magazine. Nothing but pretty, amateur girls who know they are naughty showing off their stockings, gorgeous petti coats, knickers and bras. This is the first of six of these collections.

You can get Spic and Span #1 free here.

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