Sunday, 24 November 2013

pleasure and punishment

The silly man knew he had to be punished. He was disobedient last night. And he was needlessly jealous of a man I enjoy flirting with. He begged me to let him lick me this morning. I was not goingbto let him but he is so very good at it and I was wet thinking about caning him. I said yes and, in an instant, he was between my legs licking and sucking my pussy. Eventually, I finished myself off. I love how he licks me but usually finish because I am in charge even at the height of my pleasure.

I thought about letting him have some strokes but I think the thought of his caning kept his lttle cock soft.

I lay in his arms as he made his confession and asked for his punishment.

"Yes, darling, you were very silly and disobedient. So stretch out over the bed. I will see if I can leave you few reminder welts."

Naturally he obeyed and I took a couple of practice swings with the new, clear plastic, cane he found for me. Very nice. A bit denser and heavier than the rattan I usually use. Perfect for a quick but severe punishment session.

I only gave him eight strokes but three raised gorgeous red welts. He will be wearing thse when I send him to bed tonight. I will tease him a little about his well whipped bottom and then have him get back to work on my pussy. But tonight he better be hard or he'll get an even dozen strokes.

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