Thursday, 18 September 2014

Incorrigible ;)

My delightfully incorrigible Elliot has been sitting in his girdle working hard on a bunch of projects but boys will be boys and he put this delightfully smutty collection of pretty 1950's girls being spanked. If they were not so adorable and the situations so silly....Here's what he said. I wonder if I should send him to his corner like the naughty little boy he so clearly is.

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I've been working on Hannah's book, Avails: Escorting for the Elegant Woman which is taking longer than we expected. But all work and no play makes for a dull Elliot so I put together this affectionate look at 1950's Cartoon Spanking. Late for work, spelling errors, dinged the car, a girl in the 1950's knew she'd be over her boss's or husband's knee in no time. Have fun and watch out for the political correctness police - they might give you a spanking.

You can click on the image or go here to see a sexy sample of those nice 1950's gals getting what they deserve.

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