Sunday, 28 September 2014

If a Job is Worth Doing....

I want one of these. I realized that I had not properly whipped Elliot for a month. Partially because he has given no cause - which is good - and partially because I have been rethinking the entire maintenance discipline concept.

In actual fact, between a fair amount of corner time, occasionally having to have his nipples clipped, wearing a girdle twelve to twenty hours a day and having to wear a nightie to bed every night, Elliot is more than aware of his position and, I think, very much enjoys it. When his little cock cage gets here - soon I hope - his passive discipline will be complete.

But what about whippings. The fact is that I find Elliot much more humble and subservient when his bottom is well welted. However, we have slipped into the habit of fairly prefunctory "maintenance" sessions. Not a good thing. Better not to have maintenance at all than to do it half heartedly.

So, as Elliot relates at his blog, instead of the usual half dozen fairly light strokes, I decided to really make his maintenance count. Half a dozen medium and half a dozen stingers with a light rattan cane. The last six I delivered with the little wrist flick which makes the cane bite. I wanted him to wear his welts for a few days.

I am not by nature a sadist or particularly cruel; but I do believe that if you are committed to doing something you should not go in for half measures. Maintenance whippings should not be just "routine"; Elliot needs to know they are going to sting and that he can look forward to them more often.

I must admit I can hardly wait for his cock cage to arrive. Then his submission will be complete - even if I only lock him up occasionally. The fact I will have that much control over his sexuality, that he will not be able to have an erection without my permission, that he will have to sit down to pee, is very, very intriguing.

The lovely dog whip pictured would make both maintenance and correction a bit more interesting. Now Elliot does not know if I will be using a light or medium cane or the lovely bit of acrylic which has a bit more density. The dog whip would add a bit more weight and, I suspect, would welt Elliot a bit more efficiently.


  1. I have a question. Have you continued to flirt with that older gentleman you spoke of earlier this year? The last time you mention him is on February 1 last.

  2. Well, how nice of you to remember.

    Flirtation continued apace but not with quite the same intensity. He was far more interested than I was. Delightfully, he found a lovely woman, a bit closer to his own age and they have set up housekeeping. I discreetly stepped well away.

  3. Thanks for your reply. Would you consider other flirtations or are flirtations just side-dishes to the wonderful life you and your husband have together?

    But for sure, that older gentleman now has those wonderful memories of fondling your breasts last New Year's.