Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Art: Dominant Women

femdom art, dominant woman art
Now go to your corner!

I encourage my darling to find interesting art devoted to Dominant Women. There is not that much of it about and what there is is often pretty crude. But I wanted a little Kindle book to show to a girlfriend who is interested in leading her marriage and so I told Elliot to start rooting around in his archives. Here's what he wrote over at his blog.

"I wonder,"said Hannah "If you have collected enough really elegant dominant female art to make a book. Show me what you have."

So, of course, I did.

"No, no, no, Oh please. No. This one is pretty strong. No..." Hannah is very, very selective. But, in the end, she chose 50 pieces of various sorts. A bit of bondage, some forced feminization, whips, men as servants. And then, having selected the first fifty pictures and rejected about four hundred, Hannah wrote an introduction for the book.

We both hope you will enjoy Hannah's choices of Dominant Woman art.

I fear the Kindle rules forbid a number of rather saucy pictures which show the finer points of caging a cock or pegging your submissive husband. But some of the art is really quite beautiful and some is deliciously suggestive. Elliot's corner time today will be nicely fragrant. Enjoy!

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