Saturday, 4 October 2014

Mindfulness: Nipple Clips for Cocktails

There is nothing which concentrates elliot's mind quite so much as an hour in my pretty lingerie clips. Pictures are over at his blog where you can see his little pink nipple (and all that hair) in its clip. I'll have to take a few pictures after a caning.

He asked me to take them off after about half an hour so I set the time for another half hour and had a delightful glass of wine with my darling.

Of course, we both know that they hurt more coming off than going on. And his nipples remain sensitive for hours afterward. So I teased him when we went to bed and his dear little cock was actually dripping when I told him to pull down his nightie and turn off his light.

He's been very attentive all day.


  1. Very nice -- to leave him without relief like that. Bravo!

  2. Those clips are wonderful keeping an eye out here in Australia
    I'm required to serve tea each morning with nipple camps on like you lady Hannah sometimes they are removed as I kiss her good morning but sometimes thy remain on.

  3. Sorry lady Hannah last time I reply while in bed did not see dreadfull spelling errors oops on a different subject did the cage arrive kind regards Rancher