Thursday, 16 October 2014

Free Kindle Books

My lovely husband elliot writes:

To celebrate 200 posts to this blog the Lady of the House has instructed me to post some free Kindle books over the next few days. If you like these please review.

Here are two of the over 50 books we've published in the last couple of years...we'll be making more available for the rest of the month.

50's Smut
Glamour Art

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And you don't need a Kindle to read them you can download a reader here. MAC Android

One of the fun things about being a dominant wife is that I know a great deal more about elliot's penchants and peccadilloes than most of my girlfriends know of their husbands'. The fact we've published 50 books since we began our first blog more than three years ago reflects my encouraging him to put together images and stories for his blog (and mine) as well as his own amusement. I like to know that he is up at his desk, hard, and working on his collections.

Soon, when his little cock cage finally gets here, working "hard" will be less comfortable. Which is excellent. Elliot will be reminded of his place once again.

In any case, enjoy the books. We'll put more up on the weekend.

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