Saturday, 18 October 2014

I think I like this cage thing

elliot has been in his cock cage for two nights now. He's figured out how to be as comfortable as possible in his chastity. I have had a little fun teasing him and while erections are not comfortable they are not agony either.

This morning I thought it would be interesting to just use his very talented tongue and then dismiss him to his corner without unlocking him. How delightful. He is docile as a lamb with his little cock all locked up and, because the cage is black and opaque, largely invisible.

So I had a lovely orgasm, had elliot clean me up and dry me with his mouth and then dismissed him. He was very hard and his little black cage strained to hold him in. But it did. I was able to completely ignore his obvious desire because I had left the keys downstairs. Where I think I will keep them.

I can see why clever wives lock up their submissive husbands. It really is for the best.
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