Thursday, 16 October 2014


elliot deliver the keys to me, on his knees, as instructed.

He's been hard at work ever since save for a couple of walks.

For the moment I am paying no attention to his chastity other than telling him, as he knelt, to be sure and take his regular micro dose of Viagra.

I'll tease him a little before bed but the last thing I want is for his chastity device to change our regular routine. My worry is that having his cock in a cage will make him think more about his little cock than his duties.

And we can't have that.


  1. At last, it has arrived we will be following with interest my concern is that my wife made me purchase the girdles as she was quite taken with them as I have had to wear them several times a week especially if I become a little edgy I'm concerned that I may be told to get one.My worry is that I'm not a small man in that area i used to get heaps in the showers after football training anyway when I read about Elliot it scared me a bit.
    We will follow closely cleverer so clever lady Hannah bye Rancher

    1. Well, dear rancher, the chastity cages come in all sizes and they take a little fiddling to get right. elliot, except when I teased him and first thing in the morning, tells me his, after a few adjustments is quite comfortable.

      We'll be writing about how it goes and your lady wife can make her own decision.

      But I am delighted to know that you are wearing girdles. Improves your figure and, just as importantly, reminds a man of his position,

  2. "My worry is that having his cock in a cage will make him think more about his little cock than his duties."

    At first I think it may be unavoidable because of the novelty of it all. I'm sure you'll be able to shepherd his behavior through it quite nicely Ms. Hannah.

    1. That's my view...elliot does what he's told and the novelty will wear off soon enough. He is tolerating his little cock cage quite well and, like his girdle, I think it may become a default item. On unless he's told to take it off. We'll see.

      We've already had to use a smaller ball ring as comfort is secondary to security.

  3. That's great: that Eliott is in a cage now. And I hope that he never gets to come again. Sorry, I must be cruel.

    It's just that it's a hope of mine: that I myself never come again.

    That said, you must tease him though. That is, "edge him" to make him regret all the more the orgasms that he won't be getting.