Monday, 20 October 2014

Completely In Charge

My Darling has been in his cock cage for five nights now. I have not let him out, except for a quick shower, and I don't think I will.

The cage itself really imposes no great discomfort. I have teased him erect several times and stood him in his corner hard in his cage. A full erection is, more or less, impossible and even being tumescent is a bit uncomfortable. Which is, of course, not my problem. In actual fact this particular cage is quite soft and a bit elastic. I can certainly see why, for punishment purposes, dominant wives will confine their hasbands to a hard metal or stiff plastic cage. elliot's cage is made of silicone and is more a protective restraint than an actual cage.

The key thing is that it blocks all sensation to elliot's little cock. And, of course, it is locked on. It means he is denied the stimulation which I think many men enjoy form their clothing or night clothes. Even in five days I have seen a real change in elliot's attitude. Because I think he realizes that his cage is permanent. Unlike a girdle - which I still have hime wear during the day - the cage specifically eliminates his sexual capacity.

Now, I love being able to gain my greater pleasure from elliot's little cock. But I like that greater pleasure perhaps twice a month. And that, save for some showers, is the only time his cockette is coming out of its silicone prison. The rest of the time he can, as he should, remain sexless.

I have, however, decided to maintain his regular micro doses of Viagra. It creates a wonderful "wake up" erection which gets the silly boy out of bed and onto his morning duties and corner time. Nature's little alarm clock gets all the louder when it is straining against a CB6000short


  1. May be you should consider adding an accessory?

  2. Does he get to ejaculate, once every two weeks, when he pleases you with his cock?