Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Silly Boy

My darling has put up a wonderfully silly book which is an old bit of British smut from the 50's. Frolic. You can get it at Amazon here for free today and tomorrow.

Naughty British "Schoolgirls"...

Meanwhile, i knew I was going out this morning and thought that elliot might benefit from a morning with our nJoy stainless steel wand in its proper place. He writes about it over on his blog.

I enjoyed my morning out knowing that he was caged and stuffed and in a nice tight girdle...very good for a husband now and again.

UPDATE...Of course I was not going to let him out of his little cock cage. I tease him a bit about getting out but I suspect I will keep him locked up right through Halloween when he can get all nicely dressed up en femme and pleasure me. But he has been busy and there is another free book for you to enjoy!

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You can download Sizzle#1 for free right here.

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