Monday, 8 September 2014

A Note on Pleasure

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Numb is nice, Hard is better
Over at the wonderful Monkey in a Cage blog the monkey discusses having to apply Oragel to his little cock to prepare for a bout of pleasing his lady,

Sounds fun in theory – ML gets to ride my cock and use it in any way she desires, while I’m stuck with a numb cock unable to feel any pleasure. So I grabbed a glove and began to apply the Orajel to the shaft of my cock. After a few minutes of rubbing in the gel, I took a moment to wash it off before ML had her way with me – neither of us wanted her to have a numb pussy!
I fear all did not turn out exactly as planned. I certainly think numbing gel is an excellent idea and one commentor pointed out that applying the gel and then rolling on a condom could be very effective.

I commented,

One thing I have tried with Elliot is to give him a little Viagra – not too much, we find 20mg more than sufficient – and then have him make a little mess in his cup. I usually send him to his corner with a pair of my panties to press into the wall with his nose while I get busy with my vibrator. In a little while I will be close to the edge and he, thanks to the V, will be hard again. Sweetness ensues but, because he has already come, he stays hard as long as I want him but he is not even close to coming. He can then alternate pleasuring me with his tongue, cock and fingers plus I can use my vibrator again having sent him back to his corner to preserve my privacy.

Well worth the trivial cost of the Viagra.


  1. Viagra and numbing is an excellent idea. Just recently I saw this video:

  2. I like that! I am always trying to avoid orgasm since that effectively ends my ability to provide pleasure to my wife with my cock. Being able to stay hard afterward and pump away without reservation would make her happy!

  3. Mistress K. and I have discovered something along those lines that is similar (except I'm not required to drink my cum like Elliot or stand in the corner). Mistress K. has involved me in what she has called cock-therapy. The goal is for my cock to be trained resist the urge to cum like is being talked about here and in CM's post. Like Miss Hannah, Mistress K. has discovered that requiring a ruined orgasm early in the process can go a long way toward making my cock the human sex toy that she wants (and deserves) it to be. That being said, we do use desensitizing sprays and lotions along with a nice, thick cock-sleeve. When there is time to plan, that combination cannot be beat. Mistress gets the good hard fucking she requires from me and I do not have to stop to keep from cumming. The cock-therapy training is designed to help in those more "spontaneous" moments.