Friday, 12 September 2014

Naughty Boy

Don't stop until I tell you
This is the time of the month, just a few days, when I love my pleasures. And, while I could take care of myself, I have trained Elliot to near perfection. He is able to provide me with pleasure and, perhaps more importantly, obey me even when he is at the extreme end of horny and hard.

The most important thing he has learned is that I am in charge in our relationship and in bed. My pleasure is what matters. I am not opposed to his having a bit of fun but I have learned from long experience that he is more attentive and productive when he is only occasionally allowed to make a mess.

I have also learned that it is best to only let him come in me rarely. When he has to masturbate in his cup knowing that most of the time he'll have to lick his cup clean, he is a humble and humiliated man. Just as he should be. It keeps him deeply enthralled.

As my lovely, obedient husband, writes today

 "She requires me to put both my hands under my bottom when she is riding me like this. And I am only allowed to come if she’s pinching my nipples. Other wise I just have to lie there and follow her delicious lead." 

Just right. Right now he is upstairs working, in his girdle, wet with my juices and very, very hard. Just as I like him to be.


  1. Wow, Miss Hannah Jay, that was an incredibly erotic, sexy post. Thank you so much for sharing. My own Mistress K. seems to be evolving into being able to appreciate the depth of joy that you portray here with your devoted, obedient husband. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Well thank you. It has taken Elliot a while to accept the fact that my pleasure is all that matters in our bed. But once he accepted that then he learned to take his pleasure in giving me mine.

    He's really become quite good at it. And I must say the Viagra really helps because he can stay hard without progressing to orgasm. It has made him a much better submissive lover. Because, really, he only should come once or twice a month.

  3. Hannah, please check your mail from Thank you. Peter

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  5. You say that you allow your husband to have an orgasm once or twice a month. My heavens, that is often!

    I am a man and despite my regular masturbation and my regularly fucking my wife, I do not come. Oh, I do have accidents. Maybe one accident every two months. I have been able to go three months without coming -- then, alas, I had an accident, i.e. I came while fucking my wife. But... I managed to turn it into a ruined orgasm by suddenly holding still and not thrusting. I came but with no pleasure.

    My hope is that you will prevent your husband from ever having an orgasm -- and I mean ever. Or maybe allowing him to have one just once a year as a reminder of what he is missing and what he SHOULD be missing. ALL the pleasure should be for the woman, and none for the man -- save for a rare reminder once in a while of what pleasure is being missed by him alone. Ha-ha!

    I love your blog and your husband's blog too.