Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Fall is Here

Lest people think that only Elliot wears the girdles in this house, now that fall is here, the picture to my left pretty much covers my own foundations.

If you like wearing stockings, an open bottomed girdle is wonderful for daywear and evenings. While I am happy to wear a roll-on like the one in the picture during the day while I shop and generally am out and about, in the evenings I like a side-zip high waisted girdle - after Dior - such as the Rago Hi-Waist Open Bottom. Now the open bottom style is really unsuitable for husbands as you need to wear stockings to keep all the various tensions aligned; but it is fabulous for a fashionable girl like me.

I know there are lots of women who will complain of discomfort but, in fact, once you are used to it, a girdle is like a second, slightly tighter, skin. Plus, wearing a girdle will mean that nicely tailored clothes fit perfectly and you will have a wonderfully sleek silhouette. No jiggle. The key thing to remember is that girdles look best on the toned bodies of women who don't actually need to wear one. Which means my walking and bike riding are rewarded through the fall and winter.

I might post some snaps one evening when I am getting dressed for cocktails.

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