Tuesday, 16 September 2014

You can Sleep in Your Girdle - I Mean it

Not tonight
I think I finally have Elliot trained. He was all hard and horny last night at bedtime. I was tired so I told him to get into one of his panti girdles, be quiet and go to sleep.

Not only did he obey me - which I would have expected in any event - but he also waited until I woke up on my own to ask to be allowed to take his overnight girdle off. He's had his shower and in about ten minutes he'll have to pull on his day girdle and get to work.

Once he's lost his weight I think I will keep him girdled as a matter of routine but I am still interested in locking his little cock up. I thought this cock cage was quite elegant. I had Elliot put it on his Amazon wish list - I don't think he is "wishing for it" at all but it would be great fun if it turned up in our mailbox. I'd lock him up and take cute little snap shots of his cockette in jail.

Meanwhile it seems that more husbands (judging from the sizes ordered) are being subjected to girdle discipline. And it looks like some wives like to buy their obedient husbands pretty girdles - if this one was open bottom I'd want it for my collection. I prefer Elliot to see his foundations a pretty practical rather than beautiful or feminine. More Sears than Dior. I want him to simply understand that his fitter, slightly more feminine, figure is for my pleasure not his.

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