Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Chasing the Maid

That naughty man...here I was thinking he has been working hard on my book about Escorting for Elegant Women but it turns out he has been building another sexy Kindle Book.

Just for fun I put all my maid art together in a pretty little - well actually quite large (100 pages) - Kindle Book. The Art of the Maid has drawings and cartoons of maids as well as an introduction Hannah and I wrote. We had a wonderful maid and we're looking forward to having another once we get on with expanding our house. The Lady of the House has even more fun when she can enjoy the attentions of a really well trained lady's maid.

(Elliot notes: If you are an Amazon Prime user - and you should be if you are eligible - you can "borrow" The Art of the Maid free...and don't worry, Hannah's champagne fund is still paid.

Key thing...your first 30 days of Amazon Prime are Free...so you can download lots of books.

It's nipple clips for cocktails for Elliot I say...

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  1. Ms. Hannah Jay,

    I have read many of the books that Elliot has put on Amazon. And while I have to say that they turn me on sexually, I find them severely lacking editorially. I know that you hold your husband to a strict standard in your personal life. I have to ask: why don't you hold him to that same standard in his writing? In his e-books I have discovered many, many errors (mechanical, spelling, e-book related, etc.); I'm asking that I may help with these errors.

    Your husband clearly needs an editor. I'm offering my services, as such.

    I have multiple degrees in English (USA) and I've edited for many writers (technical, fiction, non-fiction). I've written my own erotic fiction (limited) and I believe I know what Elliot is trying to convey.

    If you would like me to help Elliot, I'd be happy to oblige, free of charge (my gift to the lady of the house).

    Please let me know here with an e-mail that I can reach you by reply if you'd like my help. I'm submissive and I appreciate your blog!