Tuesday, 2 September 2014


Yes, Dear, the long legged panti-girdle...Now
One of the lesser known pleasures of being the dominant partner in a female led marriage is that you don't have to be patient when you are correcting a problem with your husband. You can, and I do, simply announce the solution to the problem and your lovely husband knows he either obeys you or will be punished until he does. Elliot long ago realized that it was much, much, better to simply do what I tell him without complaint.

I want him to lose a little weight, about ten pounds, and redistribute a little more. Now, I could just tell him he is to walk two miles a day, do some crunches and some squats - which I will be doing - but first he needs a good reminder as to what the problem is. Essentially his tummy and his thighs are a little larger than I would prefer.

Solution? Well, now that the weather has cooled off it is time for him to start wearing his girdles. He has several but for a little while I'll keep him in a rather plain long legged panti-girdle. It is not at all too small, but it is tight enough that his belt is on the notch I prefer. As he sheds the weight his girlde will be less uncomfortable. But I am going to keep him in it eight to sixteen hours a day which will constantly remind him of my decision and his position.

A simple,easy solution and I have the pleasure of seeing what I am aiming for immediately.

I don't think he was very happy when I told him he was going to be wearing a girdle for some time. But, sensible man that he has become, he put it on and is working happily, if a bit uncomfortably, as I write.


  1. A very easy and gentle reminder . You are much like my wife, using smart reminders to,show her point. Maybe prolong his chastity until he starts dropping those pounds. Walking will do,it, but the best exercise is pushing away from the table before he eats too much. A problem we all have. My wife will give me corner time every day until,she sees results from something she is trying to correct. I must strip naked and she places a pair of her worn panties, crotch side against my nose, between my nose and the wall. My hands are handcuffed behind me. If I drop the panties, the time starts all over again. At least an hour a day until she sees results. And she does.

    Also take away TV time and computer time. She is subtle with her punishments.

  2. Your wife and I have the same thought.

    A man in a corner with his nose pressed into his wife's panties is really only thinking of her and what she has told him he has done wrong. Perfect.

  3. I love to hear how you wonderful dominant ladies keep us subbies in line!

    We're so lucky to have women that care enough to provide good discipline :-)