Thursday, 7 August 2014

Of course...

All excited
One of the funniest things about Elliot, and most of the men I have known, is that if they enjoyed something once they want to do the same thing again almost immediately. Elliot sent me all manner of sweet emails thanking me for his whipping and my using his little cock for my pleasure without letting him come. Which was delightful.

Just for fun, just before he served me cocktails, I bent him over the couch in the living room and tried out a few canes which had been in storage. Not at all hard and I could see it stung more than hurt because his cockette was standing on end at the end.

"You silly man...look at that ridiculous little cock all hard after your whipping. Well there will be none of that sort of thing tonight. Go up an put on a good stiff panti girdle and pour my wine."

He hastened to comply. But all evening he was pestering me for sex even knowing he was not going to be allowed to ejaculate. I am very seriously thinking of getting a little cage for that little cock while still keeping him on the low dose Viagra.

I sent him to bed early and told him he was sleeping in his girdle under his nightie which is a nice way of saying that there would be no activity.

(One note: I have had a couple of notes from readers asking if Elliot's little cock frustrates me for want of length and girth. Two things: first, while I like to humiliate him by demeaning his cock - I think humbling is good for a man - I actually like his perfectly ordinary, if a little small, cock. I have had large cocks and, frankly, most of the time they are more than a little uncomfortable. Second, a slightly smaller than normal cock on a bit of Viagra is a delight. It is more than enough to make me feel full and I can keep Elliot in control so he services me as long as I want. And his little cock is well enough trained that if I don't want him to make a mess he won't. And I usually prefer to have him ejaculate in his cup rather than in me. So it is all good. Better small and obedient than large and messy.)

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