Friday, 22 August 2014

Husbands can be annoying

Much as I love Elliott, like every man on the planet, he can be annoying. Yesterday he, without really thinking, said something more than a little snarky. I was a bit insulted but, more to the point, frustrated at his thoughtlessness.

Now, most of the wives I know would have to suffer in silence or, at best, they would have "words" with their husband. Which, in my experience, rare solves anything. I carried on with my very busy day and, just before cocktails, said to Elliot, "Go upstairs and get my cane."

I think he was surprised but he did what he was told and brought me the long cane.

"Go and drop your trousers and lie over the couch." I said and he complied.

"I will not be spoken to disrespectfully." I said having worked out what I wanted to say over the course of the day. "And I will not tolerate thoughtlessness. You understand that?"

I think it is important when you are punishing your husband that he acknowledges his error and your right to punish him.

"Yes Miss." he said rather weakly.

"And you know I will whip you every time, without fail, that you are thoughtless."

"Yes Miss."

"Because we both know that you need your corrections just to remind you to think before you speak."

"Yes Miss."

I gave him eight medium strokes. He would have taken eighty had I decided he needed them but the humiliation combined with a little pain was more than sufficient.

When I was done Elliot pulled up his pants and served my wine. The little cloud which had hung over our day was gone. He was put in his place.

I am not saying every woman should whip her husband but, honestly, I suspect if more did there would be much less divorce and many more happy marriages. Men, if truth be told, need a firm hand almost every day if they are to love, honour and obey as they should. Being able to discipline, train and, if need be, punish Elliot let's him know his position and know how much I love him. Not for everyone but works for us.


  1. A quick resolution with the cane can be best for nipping trouble in the bud.

  2. Yes, if more wives whipped their husbands, there would be far less divorces. Or any type of punishment from corner time to being tied up for a long period in the house while the wife is home, keeps a husband in his place. That is exactly what my wife does, she punishes me every time I displease her, which is seldom now.

  3. This is an area in our D/s relationship that we are just now discussing. Even though we have lived happily for over four years as dominant and submissive respectfully, I have broached the subject because I believe it would help me view her with more respect as well as help me fear her in a healthy way - a good way. I appreciate your thoughts on the matter as they confirm the very things I've been thinking myself.

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  5. I agree with your thought that if wives or girlfriends spanked their men once in a while, we would have a better world at least I hope so. I see men doing stuff for which they should be summarily punished. thankfully I have a wife that spanks me from time to time and we are both better off for it.