Monday, 4 August 2014

Maintenance and then some

Well, that was delightful. Elliot had been a bit cheeky and, no matter what the heat it was time to remind him of his position. He writes about his corner time and his whipping here.

The point about leading a marriage is that a dominant wife needs to set the tone. I really should have sent Elliot to his corner at the very second he spoke back to me but, I fear, I was tired and it was hot. But it was very necessary to see those six welts after his maintenance. And it is lovely to have him back in his corner; the little bit of Viagra does a wonderful job of keeping his little cock eager.

Having him put on the pretty - and very tight - panties for cocktails was a bit mean given the heat and his stripped bottom but it is wonderfully humbling for him to stuff his little cockette into pretty full coverage panties.

I must say I have missed the heft and the springiness of the rattan cane. The little plastic cane was a nice weight and it certainly kept Elliot on his toes, but for real punishment the rattan is perfect. Plus I found out old sorority paddle in one of the boxes which came out of storage. It does not hurt all that terribly much but it will redden Elliot's bottom nicely when there is occasion for a serious whipping.

So, moved in, order restored.

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