Monday, 11 August 2014

A little tease, a little deny

A key element of being a dominant wife is that you need to keep your husband in a state of frustrated sexual optimism. He has to think, in the face of all evidence, contrary to all experience, just to keep things lively, you might want to have sex and you might let him slip into you and you might,as if, let him come in you.

Tonight I wanted a bit of mischief and told Elliot to go upstairs and take his tablet before going to bed. We'd had steak and potatoes for dinner and we have a running joke that this is the cue for a blow job. (If I can judge from Elliot's reaction on the very rare occasions that I do give him a blow job, I am rather good at it. My own view is that technique is less important than enthusiasm and my experience prior to Elliot confirms this. However, I only feel enthusiastic about twice a year so poor Elliot rarely has that pleasure.)

So there he was all tucked in wearing a nice, thin, cotton shift and hard as a rock. I took my time undressing and knew he was watching. In my nightie I got down at the end of the bed and reached up to take his hard little cock in my hand.

"Darling I know you would just love me to suck your little cock until you spurted right in my mouth but.... We'll have to wait until tomorrow at least because I let you come a few days ago and I am very tired."

As I said this I was firmly stroking his throbbing little cock faster and faster. I wasn't worried about his coming, he can't unless I am pinching his nipples. But I was enjoying the pre-cum leaking out.

I stopped. "Now go to sleep Dear and dream about how nice my mouth would have felt if I thought you were ready. Too bad you're not... I was thinking of swallowing...Sweet dreams."

I reached over him, making sure he felt my hard, erect, nipples brush over his chest, and tuned out his light. I wrote this and read.

He's still hard beside me.


  1. After reading this, I'm hard too. And my wife is not planning on letting me come any time soon either.
    I'm very happy.

  2. That very scenario sounds very familiar to me. Mistress K. will often tease me to the very edge right at bedtime and then send me off sleep as denied as Elliot is in the post.

    Thank you for sharing Miss Hannah Jay