Tuesday, 5 August 2014

As If

The micro doses of Viagra I am having Elliot take daily are having a wonderful effect in combination with my enforcing his chastity until we are completely moved in. He is spending his days tumescent at minimum, hard at least five or six times in a day. It makes him very attentive.

There is a lot of debate over whether or not a submissive husband should be kept in a chastity device. Generally I have relied on tight panti-girdles to keep Elliots little cock in order; but the idea of a chastity device is appealing. Especially with the little tastes of Viagra. I know it seems rather silly to both chemically induce an erection and refuse to allow Elliot to touch me or himself; but it keeps him very much on edge which is where I like him.

This morning, before I was even awake, he was kneeling on my side of the bed, naked, erect and hoping for relief. I sent him to his corner and found his panti-girdle. I don't cage him, although I noticed that the cost of the CB6000S ("S" for short because I want his lovely little cockette nicely constrained) male chastity device, has dropped to $20.00 on Amazon You can order one here.

I think I might just cage Elliot and see how that goes.

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