Wednesday, 6 August 2014


A Gentleman's Place
Whipping Elliott always makes him more attentive and usually, especially when he hasn't been allowed to come for several weeks, puts him in a error horney place. And I must admit that having total control over my darling husband made me a little breathless so, when he pleaded with me to let him link my pussy when we went to bed I was delight to give my permission. He has become quite talented and in no time I felt myself coming close. I prefer to finish with my own hand and Elliot is usually sent to his corner for my privacy. But not last night.

The Viagra had done it's job and, as I masturbated I felt his hard little cock against my hip. I love feeling his cock inside me immediately after I come and I told him to be ready.

He was and, when I told him to slid his lovely little cock into my wet cunt. He, very gently, began to stroke in and out. I have trained him to stay at that slow pace unless and until I begin to play with his nipples. And as I lay there in the afterglow of my organs with my sweet horney man sliding into my lovely wet pussy I realized I had all I wanted.

"You can slip out now Darling. I'm done. Put on a pantigirdle so the erection goes away... Good night."

UPDATE: My frustrated darling has posted over at his blog.

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