Monday, 7 December 2015

The Gift of Chastity

I am amused to see that so far this month nine people have purchased cock cages through our Amazon links. (And some of you have been kind enough to do your other Christmas shopping through our links...thank you!)

Quite honestly, I was more than a little sceptical about caging elliot. After all, he was perfectly well behaved and well trained sexually before I decided to cage him. And I thought it would probably draw more attention to his little cock than I would prefer. However, after buying a cage a little less than a year ago and having decided that he is to wear his cage pretty much full time, I have to say I would never go back.

Of all of the practices which keep elliot in his position, caging his cock has had the most fundamental effect on his outlook and behaviour. I can't imagine why I did not think to cage him before.

The fact is that once your husband is caged he has surrendered the last vestiges of his independent sexuality. Sure, he can plead and beg for release, but with your key in hand that is not going to happen unless and until you want it to.

By locking elliot's cock up, more or less permanently, I have taken a huge step in taking full control of our marriage. I can send him off to dress and service our cute little maid, confident that he will have no direct sexual contact with her without my permission. He can sleep with me every night and, while he is often erect - or at least as erect as his cage allows - there is nothing at all he can do to relieve his sexual urges.

Now, this year I am getting him a steel cock cage - only because I think changing things up is always a good idea. His silicone cock cage has served us well. I have ordered a second silcone cock cage so that he can thoroughly clean his cage while never being allowed out for more than a few moments.

With Christmas coming elliot will, of course, expect Chrismas treats. And he may well get them if I decide he deserves then. And he has been a very sweet, docile, hard-working husband all year.

Now, ladies, for your own husbands, chastity is a gift any time of the year but the Christmas season upon us, it might be a good time to make some changes at your house. Different wives run their marriages in different ways. For some of you, the gift of chastity can be given with nothing more than the purchase of the chastity device and a direct order. Make sure that your husband understands that his chastity is not a matter of negotiation. At the same time, recognize that even a soft cock cage will take some getting used to and before it can become a permanent fixture there is a breaking in period.

Other dominant wives may be at a different point in their journey. Their husbands will not yet have the habit of obedience. Especially younger wives with younger husbands can expect some pushback. A good firm caning will usually smooth the way; however, you can also present your husband with his cage and explain that this Christmas, the gift you really want, is his submissive chastity. Have him put the device on himself. It can be a little tricky. One thing to note, it is effectively impossible to put on a well-fitted chastity cage if the cock in question is even a little bit erect. Having your husband masturbate himself or, if you are feeling generous, bringing him to ejaculation yourself before he puts on the device will ease the way.

With elliot, I have invested his cock cage with a good deal of shame and humiliation. I send him to the washroom to put it on and my only involvement is to, when his little cock is in its place, click the padlock closed. I think it is wise for a dominant wife to keep the upper hand which ritual humiliation gives her. This leaves her husband even more dependent on her whims and mercy which is always a good thing.

Now, for my married male readers: there is no reason why you cannot purchase a cock cage for yourself and present your wife with the "keys to her domain". But be prepared for a good deal of confusion and even annoyance unless you have discussed your chastity with your wife before you lock yourself up. Remember, you are giving the gift of your chastity but there is no reason to think your wife will be thrilled unless she has already agreed to accept that gift. So, by all means, purchase a chastity device but as a prelude to a conversation with your lady wife. Remember, it is her decision.

Finally, for single men who would like to experience the chastity lifestyle a couple of alternatives: first, you can buy a cock cage and wear it without a keyholder. It is good practice and, when you find that special someone, you may be more comfortable explaining your chastity if you have lived with it a while.

A second alternative - and a mildly risky one - is to ask a good female friend to hold your key. It is, I am afraid, a potentially awkward conversation but you would be surprised at how willing the right girl will be to hold your key. This can be excellent training for a single male as he will focus on a female who he is not ever going to have sex with but who has control of his sexuality. Once again, excellent experience to prepare you for a wife led marriage when the right girl appears. Remember to give your keyholder lots of lovely presents - spa days, books, cashmere sweaters - and make sure you offer to wash her car, clean her apartment and generally make yourself useful. Most of the advantage of this sort of arrangement is that you will be so embarrassed to ask for your cock cage key knowing that you are assuming the correct male position with a female who you are not in any sexual relationship with. You are asking for permission to masturbate you naughty thing.

Finally, if you are interested in a remote keyholding relationship I have room for two additions to my own stable. Write me at for terms and requirements.


  1. One chastity device you should take a look at is the Neosteel shemale chastity device which also helps give the sissy a nice flat front with a more traditional belt type of chastity device. It is from a germany company and does require accurate measurements being bade of steel. You can also get several different attachments including plugs and dildos for the front of the device that will still allow him to pleasure you while locked up.

    katie ( I was wondering if you would allow us to also post anonymously as well?)

  2. I will give my husband for Christmas Jailbird chastity belt, custom made by his measures. Frenum ring and the cable will guarantee safety.

  3. There are a few different individuals when it comes to chastity . One) it's a game and it is really not long term .two) the couple that takes it more seriously but it is on again of again kind of thing . Third) majorly serious . This usually involves steel ,custom made and having be pierced so there is no option of pull out. The third option is what I've been in for over a year. I have no keys it was custom made by steelwerx extreme and is inescapable . There are keys in realtors lock box and the combination is sealed in an envelope . I know if it wasn't a total emergency that was obvious I would ruin my relationship and be so severely beaten that the road back would be all but impossible . We started the relationship this way and it is normal for us . Now she does drain me at times ,they are un announced and just happen usually after an extreme caning session she will remove just the cap and use a hitachi wand until he's drained and it's very painful. She has no interest ever again for any of my orgasms to be a good experience she is devoted to making them the worst experience and something I loathe. The cap just goes back on and I'm unchained and placed at her boots to worship her in tears. The benefits of the whole experience keep me very humble for the next several days. I think I have had release about 4 times in a year and not one of them has been fun. Her only rule is not to beg one discuss my cage unless she brings it up and I NEVER DO

  4. I too used to be chaste all on my own and didn't understand the need for a device. After 15 years of trial and error of fighting wearing a device, I have finally figured out that chastity isn't something I am forced to do. It's a gift to my Mistress. That shift in mindset makes all the difference when it comes to wearing a device, especially on those days you'd rather not.

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