Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Man in Training

I just read my darling elliot's account of his first exercise session with my maid Mady. What a clever girl. Poor elliot.

I had never really thought about the idea of riding a man. Not really my thing but I like the sounds of a little cart for him to pull as he gets into better shape. In any case, I love Mady taking the bull by the horns so to speak. elliot will be the fittest he's been in years.

I wonder if she needs reins or a saddle? And where can we get a little cart? I'll let Mady think about all of that.

[And, no, this is not Mady or elliot but I think it is an adorable picture.]


  1. You can probably get a little cart at a hardwell store that is usually used for garden supplies, but it should be perfect for Elliott's training. Good to hear you are starting off the new year with a training regimen.


  2. FD, I am sure you are right. I think I have seen little carts of that sort which would be easy to modify.

    We'll see what Mady has in mind.

  3. Good for Mady, she is having fun with pony play (this is what it is called).

    She should get him a tail plug and bridle/bit


    You can also get pony play hooves for elliot as well -

    different types of cars

    Also maybe Mady should have elliot wear a nice sports bra or get some adheasive breast forms that jiggle while he runs.

    I can just imagine him running in some tight girly yoga panties or tennis skirt.