Saturday, 26 December 2015

The Maid Learns a Lesson

As I write our lovely maid Mady has been paddled, whipped and locked up. You can read the details over at elliot's blog. She is standing in "the box" and will be there until I have elliot let her out to serve cocktails.

I admit I punished Mady fairly severely for a not terrifically major offence. I did so because I have learned quite a lot about disciplining people from training elliot. I made a lot of mistakes with elliot and the biggest one was to be "moderate". A quick spanking for a mild offence, a caning for the repetition of an offence, the bathbrush a matter of last resort.

Submissives, and Mady is very much a submissive despite having plenty of fun dominating elliot, need very clear boundaries. So do servants. I had told Mady not to try on my clothes without permission. She did anyway and so now she is spending the day in the dark and is, no doubt a sore and contrite young lady.

Up until now she really has not done anything which was directly disobedient and therefore I have had no occasion to discipline her. Now, however, I had a very good reason to punish her good and hard and, frankly, she will be all the better for it. (Plus I had her milk elliot while being whipped and that is another chore out of the way.)

Spare the rod and spoil the maid is elementary. In about six hours she will be very grateful to be let out and in no doubt as to my power and her need to obey absolutely.

Update: Of course, after an hour, I sent elliot off to let poor Mady out of the box. Pure sensory deprivation after an intense whipping is amazingly effective but, and it is a big but, most of its positive effects occur within the first hour or so. Beyond that you are beginning to enter deeper water and water where, while I will subject elliot to longer sessions, I don't want Mady to go...yet.

A very humble, disheveled maid came into my sitting room and knelt at my feet.

"I am truly sorry for touching your things without your permission ma'am. It will never happen again." was all Mady could say before being overtaken by sobs. I reached out my hand.

"Kiss my hand Mady then get up and clean yourself up. We'll say no more about it. But now you know that I can and will punish you and I am going to be more demanding in the New Year." I said meaning it.

"Yes ma'am."

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