Sunday, 22 November 2015

Morning Pleasures

One of the most delightful moments in my day is when, having woken up, had Mady serve coffee in bed and having sent elliot to his corner, I contemplate what I would enjoy. Most mornings a second cup of coffee and a relaxing bath before dressing is exactly what I want. But some mornings, like today, I am in the mood for a my dear elliot's oral attentions.

Even in his cock cage elliot is a remarkably sexual creature and, for the past couple of years, I have directed almost all his sexual attention to becoming really, really good orally. As any woman will tell you, it is difficult to teach a man how to lick and suck well because, I am afraid, most men are in too much of a hurry to get to what they regard as the main event.

Here, of course, is where a long term female led relationship is so perfect. elliot knows his sexual urges don't matter at all. He knows that is not changing. He knows that his little cock is going to stay in its cage for months on end because I don't want him distracted. (I had thought Mady might ask for his key but she tells me she is quite content without...poor elliot. And speaking of Mady, she complimented me a few days ago on the fact that elliot's oral technique with her is proof practice makes perfect. She is such a clever girl to compliment me and not elliot. She knows it's the trainer who deserves the credit.)

For a man in elliot's position being allowed to lick my pussy and, delicately, suck on my hard little clitty is nearly always the closest thing to sex he'll have. He almost always gets a really agonizing hard on when he is licking me. This morning I wanted to lie back and watch his head bobbing up and down as he moved me towards orgasm. Some days I prefer to kneel over him so I can lower my pussy over his face, but this morning I was delciously wet and I wanted him to concentrate on my clitoris which is easier to do when I am on my back.

For many women asking for sex is complicated by the fact that their boyfriend or husband has to be in the mood as well. I have no such complications. I just, conversationally, said to my humble husband "That's enough time in your corner, come here and lick my pussy." I spread my legs and he got to work. This morning I had him lick me right to orgasm which happens about a third of the time. The rest of the time, once he has obediently brought me close I send him back to his corner and finish in privacy. Often with my hand. However, some mornings, I will tell elliot to warm up my favorite vibrator while he is licking me. Then, when I send him back to his corner he will hear a pleasing hum.

Whether I come in his mouth or with my hand or vibe, I have trained elliot to be ready to lick me clean and then dry when I am done. I love to watch him taking the moisutre from my clit and lips and swallowing as he goes. I make sure to praise him for giving me my pleasure and, if he is very lucky, I will squeeze his big, full balls or pinch his nipples a little to remind him of his place. A place he loves.


  1. I can think of NO better place to be, than on my knees serving my wife in much the same way.Pure bliss.Thank you for this blog,I love it.

  2. I find my husband, despite his greatest efforts, is just not capable of bringing me to climax without a great deal of work. He really wants to but I have gotten to the point where I only allow him to please me orally on special occasions. He's very adept at bringing me to writhing multiple orgasm but not orally. Do some women just not respond to oral sex or is there hope for my sub hubby yet?

  3. I once had an orgasm in a cage, hard to do but I was determined, with my penis soft.