Sunday, 25 October 2015


While it is perfectly open to a dominant wife to simply lock her husband in his chastity cage and forget his cock and his desires, where is the fun in that?

There are many possible objectives in keeping your husband chaste. With younger men in particular, simply exercising control over their sexuality will tend to make them more attentive and, usually, more obedient. Good things in themselves. However, as chastity goes on for a while, a month or two, a well-trained husband will realize that he is never getting out of his cage except when you decide, for your own reasons, to let him out.

I had been training elliot for years before I decided to put his cock in a cage and, even then, I was not sure I had made the right decision. Here's the problem: because he was already chaste on the honour system, the cage might have drawn too much attention to his cock. Now, more or less by fluke, I ordered a soft silicone cage which turns out to have a numbing, deadening effect on his actual cock. elliot tells me that  wearing his cock cage is, after a day or two of adjustment, like having his cock isolated from the regular stimulations of day to day life. Leave aside the fact his erections are mildly uncomfortable, the fact is that he simply does not get the physical sensations he had been used to since puberty.

I have upped his micro dose of Viagra  which certainly keeps him at the ready; but I also realized that he needed a good deal of teasing if he was going to remain in that lovely state of wistful longing which I enjoy. Teasing is great fun and even more fun now that we have a pretty young maid.

While I always dress demurely, now that Fall is here, I am back to wearing pretty stockings and either a lacy, but firm garterbelt or a nice firm girdle. Stocking tops are a constant thrill for elliot and I make a point of flashing mine often. Similarily, like most men, elliot cannot get enough of my breasts and now Mady's. Once in a while, I'll leave a couple of buttons undone on a blouse so he can see my pretty bra. Or I will dispense with my bra altogether and let him enjoy my often erect nipples.

Mady's day uniform offers ample opportunity for her stocking tops to be seen and, from time to time, I will instruct her to dispense with her bra for elliot's further teasing. Her evening uniforms are all designed to be worn with cupless corsetry or quarter cup shelf bras so her nipples are unconstrained as she serves cocktails or dinner. And, here again, I will occasionally instruct her to wear one of the more revealing uniforms of an evening. elliot knows that he may look but must not touch without express invitation or instruction.

Of course, corseting Mady each evening - and, apparently, providing oral attentions several times a week, keeps elliot on edge. And, as the days shorten and the nights grow colder, I find that I have the dear man bring me to my edge before being sent to his corner, far more often.

And, of course, there are the delights of playing with his nipples which are, after even a week or two in chastity, enormously sensitive. A few caresses and a good, sharp, pinch leaves his adorable little nipples nearly as hard as his caged cock.

Mady has taken to giving him a little spanking almost every day after he's dressed her. This is in addition to her now regular conditioning canings. She is, I am delighted to say, discovering the joys of feminine superiority in private life.

The ultimate tease, of course, is actually letting elliot out of his little cage and giving him a set number of strokes in my pussy before locking him back up. It is a lovely sensation to have his steel hard little cock  slide into me a dozen times and then pushing down on his hips and sending him to his corner to unstiffen as I bring myself to orgasm. I come and he's locked back in his cage. He hates it. but loves it at the same time. Mady has yet to ask for the key though she is very interested in the idea of strokes. I think she wants to be entirely sure elliot will obey her as completely as he obeys me before taking this next step. Which I think is an excellent idea.

So, my dear, submissive husband, locked tight in his little cage, cannot complain of any sort of neglect. Quite the contrary. He is having  altogether too much feminine attention without the slightest chance to relieve his sexual tension.

Just as it should be.


  1. You are doing a very good job of keeping him caged and under your control. And it's a nice touch to give him a few strokes before he is sent to the corner to be locked without relieving his sexual tension while you orgasm. You are training him very well.


    1. Thank you...It seems to have been working.

      I was not sure at first but now I realize this is what he wants and needs. And great fun for me as well.

  2. Brilliantly well expressed Hannah xxx

    1. Thank you! I like writing and I wish I had time to do more.

  3. What a sensual and inspiring post... Thanks!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it. I like to write about what we actually do. Sometimes that means a long time between posts but I prefer it that way.

  4. Beauty is power. A corset brings me to my knees and ready to obey.