Sunday, 4 October 2015

Further Advice on Male Chastity

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My last post on running a female led marriage and keeping one's husband chaste seems to have been well received. However, a couple of people have asked about the discomfort caused by my sweet husband's cock cage.

I am sure elliot would have a different perspective but his views are not really a consideration. Which is really the point. A soft silicone chastity device - like any other non-belt chastity device - is largely symbolic. The mild discomfort which it may cause from time to time is actually a feature rather than a bug. With proper hygine elliot's device can be worn continuosly for weeks at a time.

With a young maid around the house I prefer elliot to be locked up at all times. If, for some reason, I want his little cock, or Mady does, it is easy enough to unlock him. He spent much of the summer uncaged and I don't think it did him any harm. But it did not do him any good either. Locking him back up for the Fall and Winter has actually improved his attitude.

The real point of keeping a husband in chastity is to remind him that he has no sexual rights whatsoever. I think elliot had accepted that before I locked him up but the cage makes this express rather than implicit.

The one concern I had in locking elliot in his chastity cage was that it was drawing a bit too much attention to his cock. As it happens, once he is locked in, after a couple of days his little cock is largely isolated and cushioned from any physical stimulation. While he tells me he occassionally has a pinching situation when the skin works its way into the device and is squeezed, his cock itself is padded and unable to recieve much by way of external sensation.

Of course, when he gets hard, either because Mady or I tease him or in the early morning when most healthy men have errections, he experiences quite a lot of discomfort. But relative to a good whipping, this discomfort is minimal and he bears it without complaint.

The key thing is he knows that his cock is locked up because I want it locked up. I want him to be devoid of sensation between his legs, without the distractions a cock seems to carry for men. And, of course, I want him to be looking to me for any sort of sexual relief.

I don't think it does ay good to lock up a man's cock for a day or even a weekend. If a dominant wife decides to lock down her husband's cock, after a breaking in period, locked should be his default state. If he knows that he is going to be locked and stay locked, it leaves him free to concentrate on obeying, and from time to time, pleasing his wife.

Which is how it should be.

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  1. We are cougar couple. We started FLR lifestyle at the urging of my sister, because my husband was a great addicted to porn and masturbation.
    He wears Jailbird a chastity belt with frenum cable 24/7. He needed four months to get used to the chastity belt. After a month he requested not to wear at night. I tied his hands handcuffed to the headboard of the bed and took off the chastity belt.
    I woke up in the middle of the night, he lay on his stomach and rubbed his erected penis on bed. He began to ejaculate. I hit his penis. I gave him a cold shower afterwards, and I put his penis in a cage. Since he wears a chastity belt 24/7. Once a week I take off his chastity belt for cleaning teasing and sex. During the week chastity belt does not come off, day or night. He concentrates on frequent cunnilingus, house cleaning and other duties.