Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Naughty and Corrected

The terrible truth about being a dominant wife is that if you have to whip your husband it is often your own fault. elliot was rude to me last night. Not horribly rude but rude and more than that, when I called him on it, I got back chat. I sent him to bed. But I knew I would have to punish him.

I don't especially like punishing elliot. Especially when I know I am going to have to be quite severe. Like most women, I am pretty warm and nurturing and I would prefer to cuddle than to cane. At the same time, part of my responsibility as head of household at our house is to correct elliot as and when required. And I realized last night, after I sent him up to bed, that I had not been taking my disciplinary duties as seriously as I should have.

It is, frankly, much better to cane a man instantly for bad behaviour rather than letting the behaviour continue. Being strict means that your husband will stay on his toes and pay you the respect and attention you require.

But the other advantage of frequent, immediate punishment is that men understand a good hard whipping right after the infraction far better than if you store up the punishments. Which means their errors will be fewer and the need to correct less urgent. So, in a sense, the severe whipping elliot deserved and got today was really my fault for not having taken things in hand much sooner. Even the best husband, and elliot is wonderful, is made all the better with a weekly or, at minimum bi monthly re-acquaintance with the cane or bath brush. Now, poor elliot, would have to endure both.

He describes his punishment over at his blog. I have little to add except to say that the bath brush is going to be used much more often. It is loud but we are now living in the country and it doesn't matter as much. His bottom looked like two red apples in his punishment panties. The other thing to mention is that while elliot seems to think I am using full strokes with the cane, in fact usually only the first half dozen at delivered with any serious force. Canes are finesse instruments: you can leave lovely, tight welts and perfect crosses without doing too much actual damage. Just make sure that you never "wrap" the cane or strike with the tip. The punishment panties actually give elliot some protection in case of errant strokes.

He asked for and took his punishment very gently and submissively. Sending him to his corner with his scorched bottom and my wet panties for company, I knew that he had learned his lesson and, as I sipped my coffee, I realized I had learned mine. Husbands, especially well trained, obedient, submissive husbands thrive on discipline. Neglect their correction or their maintenance and you are not treating them fairly. Yes, you can whip them hard as I whipped elliot today and hit a reset; but it is your own fault for not fulfilling your responsibility as a dominant wife.


  1. You gave him a good lesson and sounds like he learned that he needs frequent immediate punishment to keep him in a submissive mood.


  2. Miss Hannah jay, I have to come clean. I love your blog so very much. I can't help but try and imagine what it would be like for me if my Mistress treated me in the same or similarly harsh fashion that Elliot gets treated. And it scares the hell out of me. That being said, please don't misunderstand that i am saying that you are anything but the perfect Mistress for your slave Elliot. It's obvious from his words that you are, and it is such a wonderful part of what makes your blog so wonderful. Who am I to judge anyway? I'm not.

    The "come clean" part is that when reading your blog posts, while nerously imagining myself in elliot's position, I am more than aware that my penis is as hard as it ever gets.

    thank you for a another wonderful post, and a beautiful blog about a beautiful relationship.