Tuesday, 10 February 2015

The Dominant Wife's Valentines Day

Here's a safe bet, my darling elliot will not be taking me to see 50 Shades of Grey. And not for the obvious reason that it is not a game I am interested in - in fact I have been know to switch - rather because it misses much of the point of a dominant/submissive relationship. Namely that there is a relationship before the D/S kicks in.

I am also pretty sure that my darling will not be picking me up any shopping mall tacky sexy lingerie although I might get him a version of this wonderfully tacky nightie and panty set...

In fact we'll celebrate St. Valentines Day with my favorite things. A fabulous dress, pretty fully fashioned stockings and lots of smoked salmon and champagne. Then a simple, so easy elliot can cook it, steak and bearnaise sauce with fresh green beans and new potatoes dinner. A glass or two of excellent red wine, a little dark chocolate for desert...

Perfect. Then off to bed where I may or may not unlock elliot (link is very not safe for work with his little cockette trying to get hard in his cage. Like any other night we'll see what I am in the mood for. I suspect I will definitely in the mood for elliot's loving oral attentions. He really is getting very good at pleasing me with his tongue. And then, in my lover's arms, utterly satisfied and more than a little content, I'll fall asleep: The Lady of the House.

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