Monday, 2 January 2017


As I write my darling husband is standing naked except for his cock cage and ball stretchers in his corner with a pair of my panties being pushed into the corner with his nose. He seems to be very happy in his corner thinking of the woman he loves and obeys.

We had a lovely Christmas and a deliciously decadent New Years. Mady served at Christmas but she joined us for New Years dinner and elliot served. He looked wonderful in nothing but a long black cotton waiter's apron. Mady and I got a bit tipsy and once elliot had served us desert and as we waited to toast the New Year, he spent the evening under the table putting his talented tongue to good use. It is one of the great pleasures of a wife led marriage that I can tell elliot to service me without feeling any obligation to reciprocate. We could see him getting all hard in his cage when we let him join us to toast the New Year. Which is perfect because there is no point in having a man in chasitity who does not actually, desperately, want to use his little cock.

Mady particularly likes elliot's oral attentions and she goes off like a string of firecrackers. It is lovely to see her pretty nipples erecting and then, with a quick cry, she'll come and flush all over her neck and clavicles. But she won't release elliot. She just reaches down, pushes his head back for a moment while she resets and then pulls his mouth towards her pussy for a second or a sixth round. And she loves the fact I am watching. She's a show-off.

You should have seen her outfit: just a semi-sheer black tunic top that barely covered her stockings tops and a well laced underbust corset. No panties and I could easily see her lovely little pussy rings, five a side, and her diamond padlock holding her chastity chain in place. Her pierced and locked cunt gets wonderfully wet and I left her clit hood unlocked on New Years so she could really enjoy herself.

Of course elliot loves his service. Why wouldn't he. As well as seeing to my pleasure, though I am not nearly so uninhibited and my slutty little maid, with my full permission and, indeed instruction, he is allowed to taste and pleasure a young, very beautiful, girl. No, he is not allowed to put his caged cock anywhere near her. But, then again, he really isn't allowed to use his little cock at all so it is not really an issue.

So another year begins. My lovely husband in his corner and my pretty maid downstairs making my tea as my bath runs.

Just the basics.



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  1. What a wonderful holiday you all had together!
    I am fascinated to read that you have already gone ahead with piercing Mady's labia and look forward to hearing more about that. I can only live vicariously through hearing of elliot's service to such an amazing woman and her delicious slutty maid.
    I did purchase the chastity device and ball stretcher ring that you recommend. I wore the stretcher last weekend and my wife requested ( told me to) put on the device this weekend. I am wearing it now as she had to work this evening.
    Happy New Year and thank you so much for taking the time and effort to share your incredible life style with the less fortunate.

    1. Lucky you...I was not sure when I first put elliot into the stretcher but, after a few months, I would not have him any other way. And it so compliments his cage.

      And how clever of your wife to make you wear it. It will take a bit of getting used to but, remember, your comfort is of minimal concern. Your wife is entitled to your obedience.

  2. What a lovely New Years tradition you have. Thank you for sharing it. I too was surprised to learn that the labia rings and padlock are already in place. I believe that many of us would be interested in learning more about the procedure if you wouldn't mind sharing it. That is quite a lot of rings! Wishing you and yours a wonderful New Year. Penney

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