Thursday, 5 January 2017

Submissive Men Considered

elliot was in the shower after his daily work out with Mady and the two of us were having a nice cup of tea before getting on with the rest of our days. With our new arrangement, unless Mady is actually in uniform - which is around four to five hours a day - she is more my young companion than a servant and that lets her learn. And to learn you have to ask questions.

"Why do you think elliot is submissive?" she asked. "I mean it is not as if he is anything but highly effective and even a bit aggressive doing his business. I hear him speaking very sharply when things are not done exactly as he requires. Lots of testosterone."

"Lots. And even more since you have been in charge of his workouts." I said.

"I've noticed. He gets so hard in his cage when I have him lick me. Even standing in his corner he gets hard." said Mady smiling.

"And with me Mady. No elliot has a wonderfully strong sex drive and even when he has to wear a bra and girdle no one would ever mistake him for a woman." I said.

"So where does the submission come from?" asked Mady.

"For the longest time, Mady, I really didn't know. When we first started experimenting with a Female Led Marriage I saw it as more of a sexy game than anything. I mean it was tons of fun to have elliot pay really close attention to what I want. And it was nice to be able to enjoy sex without feeling like I had to always reciprocate. And we could have left it there."

"But you didn't." said Mady sipping her tea.

"No. One day elliot was, I think largely unintentionally, more than a little disrespectful. I honestly forget what it was about. It didn't matter. Right there and then I sent him up to our room and told him to wait for me. I took a few minutes to calm down and then went upstairs. I stopped into the bathroom and got our big bath brush. You know the one."

"I am afraid I do ma'am." said Mady remembering a relatively light spanking she'd received with the brush.

"Well, I wanted to make an impression. I had him lower his pants and lie across my lap and then I got to work. As you know, that bath brush can sting. But it can do more than sting with a little force behind it. I gave him two dozen strokes, the last six about twice as hard as the first six. He was squirming at the beginning and then kicking his legs and then, for the last six strokes he just lay in my lap and accepted his punishment. He was completely surrendered. But the funny thing was, even though he was on the verge of tears, he had the biggest erection I have ever seen him have. When I was done I had him stand up and I slipped off my now quite moist panties. Spur of the moment. I sent him with his red, slightly bruised bum, off to a corner with my panties to press into the corner with his nose and I left him there for fifteen minutes while I freshened up and made a cup of coffee. When I came back he was where I left him and his little cock was just as hard and it was dripping a little pre-cum. I reached around and pulled him a couple of times and then told him to get dressed."

"I had spanked him before but this was transformative. In fifteen minutes elliot went from being a bit edgy and resistive to completely docile and content. In actual fact, when I had spanked him before, while the humiliation of having to lie across his wife's lap was useful, the fact was I am not strong enough to physically correct a man in a way which will leave a lasting impression. The leverage of the bath brush changed that equation completely."

"Did the change last?" asked Mady.

"I think it has lasted 'til this day. But, obviously, the effect can fade which is why I let you cane him and I cane him as well. I read a lot about the physiological effects of corporal punishment and it seems pretty clear that, at a certain point of intensity, a bunch of neurochemicals are released. But there is no point in a light whipping. You have to swing your cane or paddle or bath brush hard enough and long enough that the man really feels it." I said, "But punishment or humiliation are not really at the root of a man's submission. They just make his position clear. I think a lot of men, and certainly elliot, need to have the relief of knowing that when their business day is ended they are to do what they are told. No decisions, no arguments, just obedience and deference to the woman who loves them. It is a "safe place" where they can simply let the intensity of their world go."

"Is it really "a lot of men"?" asked Mady.

"I think so. Now, for a lot of men submissiveness is not on their wive's or girlfriend's menu. At least not officially. But I am often amused by how submissive and deferential men often are to the woman in their life. And if you chat to perfectly ordinary, vanilla, wives it is pretty clear who wears the pants at home and in the bedroom. Nice ladies at church have told me how they "manage" their husbands. And most of those husbands, after the first couple of years of marriage, are effectively chaste and on their wive's sexual schedule. Suits both parties for the wife to take charge. All I have done is made all of that more express, more real, for elliot. Which, as you know, suits us perfectly."

"I can certainly see some of the rather formidable ladies in church running their husband's lives for them; but how do they know?" said Mady.

"In many cases they don't. A wife will give her husband a "honey-do" list and reward him for completing it. The reward might be a good steak dinner or it might be a blow job. But the wife is in control in any case. If you keep an eye out you will see very strong, powerful, men ask their wives for permission to go to the pub or play a round of golf. Why? Because if they don't they will be punished. Usually verbally and almost always with the withdrawal of sex for a little while or for quite a long time. Not to mention just how nasty some women are verbally. Not my thing at all; but I can certainly see why many husbands do as they are told. And once they start doing as they are told, they start to evolve into the submissive men smart women enjoy. Because they don't lose their edge in the more masculine world of work, rather they leave it at the door when they step into the presence of their wives. Watch, you'll see it over and over. All I am doing is taking it to the next, logical level and, in the process, giving elliot reminders of how happy he is in his place."


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  1. Ms Hannah, Two comments: first, I wanted to thank you for your blog. I have been following this for a long time - both yours and elliots. It is well written and expresses some of your day-to-day interaction in from the viewpoint of a woman that knows what she wants from a man. Thank you.

    As to this post, it was this section that struck me:
    "I think a lot of men, and certainly elliot, need to have the relief of knowing that when their business day is ended they are to do what they are told. No decisions, no arguments, just obedience and deference to the woman who loves them. It is a "safe place" where they can simply let the intensity of their world go."

    I've been going through a bit of a rough period in my own relationship with my mistress. We are on the mend and it has much to do with her making me feel both loved and secure. It's such an odd set of emotions for a man to need but it is so true - at least for me. I told Katie tonight that her dominance is my love language. It's how I feel her love most intensely.

    To those who have never experienced submission firsthand, that will probably make no sense but once immersed in the lifestyle it makes perfect sense.
    Thanks again for you blog. Know you are appreciated!
    I'm Hers

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