Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Sex and the Chaste Husband

I often chat with Mady as she helps me with my bath. (And, frankly, I had never thought I needed or would enjoy "help" with my bath but it is a total treat to be washed generally and intimately by a pretty young girl in a see-through top, a demi-cup bra and a little pleated skirt which, just to tease elliot, I have her wear at stockings tops length.) And this morning, as she was drying me, she asked, "Don't you like having sex with Sir at all?"

Given that "Sir" has been locked up in his cock cage since Christmas and that he now has two permanent ball stretching stainless steel rings in place, it was not an unreasonable question. But I think I surprised her with my answer.

"I love sex with my sweet husband Mady. He is skilful, attentive, and, as you know, will lick you for as long as you like. But I don't think it is good for a man, any man, to have penetrative sex with a women except under quite unusual circumstances. For example, when you are making or renewing your vows, it is important for you to feel entirely owned, and elliot's little cock in your vagina, your bottom and your mouth is wonderfully symbolic. And, of course, if I decided to breed you, we could do the whole A Handmaid's Tale and I could cradle you while elliot took the necessary strokes. And, come to think of it Mady, that might be fun even if I was not breeding you."

"It might ma'am, if you would enjoy it. But I have never found having a cock in me particularly fun except, as you say, symbolically. For me to be your bondswoman I needed to feel completely surrendered and completely taken. It's too bad elliot is quite small. I have never had a really decent sized cock in me, maybe I would enjoy it more." said Mady on her knees patting my bottom and nether regions dry.

"Well you might, or, speaking from experience, you might not. An obedient, well trained man can give his wife, or her maid, far more pleasure with his tongue than even the best endowed, unbroken, man can. It is really all a matter of the symbolism and, frankly, desire. I will occasionally want to feel a bit full and there is nothing easier than having elliot lie with his hands under his bottom while I give him a good seeing to. You should certainly try it. But it has been years since I have let him get on top of me. That is not his position." I said stepping into my panties and letting Mady draw them up my legs.

"I might try that ma'am. Do you come that way?"

"Rarely. But once I have enjoyed his little cock for a while I just turn around and take full advantage of the female superior position. Have you had him service your backdoor? He is really very good at it and he can make his tongue hard enough to slide right in you. If you haven't tried you should. But once he's been in your backdoor make him rinse before you let him anywhere near your pussy. I usually just send him off to his corner and finish myself. The point being that we have plenty of sex. Or, more exactly, I have plenty of sex which is how a well run female led marriage should be. Sex as often as I want it."

"Isn't it terribly frustrating for Sir?" asked Mady.

"Of course it is, and all the more so with your perky little nipples getting all hard whenever there is a draft. Plus, of course, his little microdose of Viagra to stiffen him up. And that is exactly how it should be. A man in chastity should be reminded of his emasculation regularly. He is not like other men. His cock is under lock and key. He is allowed to long to have sex, be filled with lust, desperately want to come as other men do rather than being milked occasionally or having his wife's maid peg him just for fun. But he can't. And that makes him more obedient, more docile, more attentive and, frankly, much more attractive." I said.

"So you like him to be horny all the time?" said Mady.

"Well, men are aren't they. They waste a good deal of time and attention thinking about sex. But once you lock a man up, whip him regularly and make him pleasure you when you feel like pleasure, instead of thinking about sex, he thinks about you. He thinks about how he might please you enough to be let out of his cage, even if it is just for strokes with no chance of actually coming. It takes a while but, eventually, a really well trained man keeps his sexual interest but understands and accepts that he will never again be allowed to express it. Now he'll be all about his wife and her pleasure."

"He is certainly attentive when he goes down on me." said Mady blushing slightly.

"As he should be. Most men are lucky, as they get older, to have one woman to pleasure. elliot has two. He can't believe his luck. Now let's get those stockings on. We have the altar guild for lunch at noon. You'll be serving and, much as I enjoy your day uniform, I fear you will have to change as well. Can't frighten the horses."

Mady bent to her task of sliding the stockings up my legs and fastening the six garter tabs. She was learning.


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  1. My very attractive dominant wife has the same feelings about penetration and denial of sex as you. For the past 6 years, I have not been allowed inside her for strokes or orgasm. She says it is way too great a privlege for a husband slave. Prior to that, I was allowed inside her, but only for usually 6 to 12 strokes. Then out. Or if it was a special occasion, my wife allowed me 12 strokes to cum. When I was ready to cum, I had to pull out and orgasm into a plastic cup I kept next to me. If I did not cum in 12 strokes, too bad she would say. But those days are long gone.

    Now she may allow me an orgasm every 4 months. It depends if she has been pleased by my housework, ironing, caring for all of her needs and overall attitude. If I have my CB 6000 on, she will lower my panties, unlock and remove the tube, pull my panties back up and rub me thru them. I have only one minute to cum. If I haven't cum in a minute, the device is locked back on and in a week or so I may be permitted another try. Usually I do cum. But if I do not, I loose my chance and must wait another 4 months. She says "I guess you really did not want to cum after all, it was all just in your mind".

    Denial is her favorite. Every morning she will rub me thru my panties, allowing me the privlege of an edging once a week or so. But if my wet spot on my panties is bigger than a nickel, I will be punished. Diapers on weekends with pink plastic pants or tied up naked in her large walk in closet, hands high over head, for 4 hours or more several days at a time. And of course, extra house cleaning, usually doing the same job over again, maybe 3 or 4 times, like windows.
    She believes all husbands should be kept extremely horny. But never a wife. She gets her orgasms several times a week by my tongue and one of her many vibrators. Just the way it should be.

  2. Your wife sounds like a very sensible woman.

    A chaste male is a happy, obedient, attentive male. All characteristics of a good, submissive, husband.

    And listen to how contented you sound.

  3. You’re so sensitive! Or maybe a boy’s mother just really knows how to please him. Oh, you just came everywhere! Good. Now pay attention: I’m going to explain to you exactly what your life is going to be like. I’m going to keep dosing you, making you not only my sex slave, but my domestic servant, too. Miss Penny Barber c4s

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