Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Needs and Wants: My Handmaiden

I find myself in the interesting position of being the head of household for both my husband elliot and my handmaid/companion Mady.

And, yes, Mady has been "promoted" although that is not quite the right word for it. Back in May I related my conversation with Mady who wanted to take her position and her submission to a very different level. Over the summer, as we enjoyed the heat and had elliot pulling us around the property in our dogcart, naked except for his cute little chastity cage and his shiny stainless steel ball stretcher. We went to the beach often and Mady enjoyed swimming in a pretty, retro, modest and deliciously sexy one piece or a wonderfully demure two-piece I had bought her.

We talked a lot. Where elliot and I have been working on our wife marriage for years, to the point where we barely think about it: he does what he is told and is soundly whipped if he doesn't, no need to over think that. But with Mady there is a different dynamic and we needed to figure out what would work for her and for me. (elliot was not part of these conversations, when we had figured it out we told him.)

More than anything Mady wanted and needs security. A very clear idea of being taken care of, of someone making decisions on her behalf and in her interests. There is a lot of information out on the web about Mistresses and slaves and, unfortunately, Mady had read a lot of it. It eventually emerged that she had thought that her next step would be to become my slave because that seemed to her to be the only way to be sure.

As my readers know, I do not believe in slavery in any form. Particularly inside a household. I understand that some wives prefer their husbands to be their slaves but I think that creates a fiction which can be very harmful. In a wife led marriage a husband needs to be obedient and accept his wife's position as head of the house. He needs to accept the fact he will be disciplined and, in most cases, will have his sexuality either curtailed or entirely subject to his wife's needs and desires. He will almost certainly be chaste. But none of that amounts to slavery because no intelligent woman wants or needs a man who does only what he is told to do. Rather, an intelligent woman will want her husband to accept her complete authority and then go forth and do mighty things. (And, it turns out, that a man in that position tends to put a great deal of effort out into the world knowing he is loved and protected at home.)

This is even more true with a young woman who is looking for the direction and discipline only an older woman can bring. Having Mady as a slave, however voluntary that condition, would waste all of the interesting things my maid was capable of. More importantly, it would actually reduce her usefulness to me. Between her really exquisite lady's maid skills, her lovely service at cocktail hour, her delicious teasing of poor elliot, her occasional intimate service, and her genuinely lovely demeanour and beauty, I couldn't see how I could improve upon her situation as my maid. But I had to or risk losing Mady to a larger world. But I didn't want to lose her, now automatic, curtsies which always made her nipples harden under her transparent blouses, displayed so beautifully in her quarter cup bras.

As we talked over the summer I realized that Mady very much enjoyed the mistress and maid situation. She loved the fact that when she was on formal duty I required her to corset her waist tightly and, except in summer, wear lovely, sheer, seamed, stockings (a dozen pairs of which will be in her Christmas stocking. Ho, ho, ho.) For formal entertaining, while she does not wear a sheer blouse she does have to wear five inch black patent leather pumps black patent leather pumps which she has been practising in since she came to us. She likes the fact she is required to whip elliot into shape and she has done a wonderful job. No sign of a belly on my darling husband after eight months of carrying Mady on his shoulders and pulling her little dog cart. And she told me she loved all of this. But it was not quite enough.

Because there was all the time she was off duty. On her own. Writing her book, reading, relaxing, "It is so hard to go from being on duty as your maid to my space where I am just me. elliot is never on duty and he is never off duty, he is just your submissive, obedient husband all the time." said Mady in one of our talks at the beach. "I'm your maid all of four or five hours a day, the rest of the time, I really could be anywhere. Drifting."

You can see the problem. On duty, Mady has a role and a set of responsibilities. She demonstrates her position with her dress, her corset, her curtsy and her acceptance of my orders. Off duty? Her identity as my maid is lost and she is left to her own devices. For a girl who craves order, who needs routine, discipline and a sense of place being left to her own devices is a penance she should not have to bear.

I thought about it. I knew I did not want a "daughter of the house". Incest, even play incest, makes my flesh crawl so that was out. Besides, I did not want to lose my maid. Mady was already my bondswoman with a full indenture and an oath before God. And that was not enough. Taking her to my bed, and sending elliot off to his lonely single bed in his dressing room, was fun for an evening but not really a solution. She needed to know she had a place in my household when she was not performing her domestic duties or keeping my husband trim and sexually frustrated.

The more I looked at the problem the less tractable it became. The fact was that Mady really did want to be mine in the same way that elliot is and she wanted to remain my maid. As with so many things in life the Bible offered a rather good concept which I eventually came across: a handmaiden. Technically, a handmaiden was a female slave who served a mistress but was often given to the husband to "wife". Not quite how our household works, but the sexual element of the handmaiden's duties seems to fit. While I didn't much like the "slavery" element, the idea of a handmaiden can also be looked at in status terms where I, as the Lady of the House, have the social standing of a wife and member of a community, whereas my handmaiden's status is entirely within my gift.

The beauty of this solution is that the Biblical handmaidens, Hagar, Zilpah and Bilhah, were all given by their mistresses to their mistress's husbands to "wife". Now, leaving aside Miss Atwood's distopian tale, the fact is that taking Mady as my handmaiden as well as my maid would mean she would be giving me formal control over her breeding - whether I choose to have elliot cover her (unlikely) or find a suitable, I suspect older, man whom she might marry - which seemed to appeal to her.

So we sat in the shade by the beach after Mady had done her lengths and had a soft white towel around her pretty shoulders. I was sitting in a canvass director's chair elliot had carried down to the beach along with our picnic, umbrella and blanket in his dog cart.

"I have made my decision Mady." I said quite formally. "We will change your vows. You will become my handmaiden at home, when we travel or are away from the village, you will be my companion. You will still, of course, remain in service as my maid, but your duties will be extended. When you have completed your own book you will write a book for me. Instead of being able to choose your own clothing when you are off duty you will dress as a young lady of this house. You will attend me unless and until dismissed. You will also be bred when I decide who will be fathering your children. Which will not be for a few years. Which brings me to a rather strict requirement which you will have to accept as my handmaiden."

"Yes ma'am." said Mady looking up at me.

"As my handmaiden you will no longer have vaginal, penetrative sex. Of any sort." I said having thought about this for some time. "You will, of course, be used anally and orally on the rare occasions elliot is allowed to be frisky; but we will be saving your pussy until I decide to breed you."

"Yes ma'am." said Mady.

"So, before you take your vows I will have your labia pierced and rings inserted. I would think four or five rings on either side should be sufficient. When you have healed, which I am told will take a couple of months, my jeweller will have finished a pretty white gold chain and a diamond set padlock. We will lock you up after your vows."

"Oh yes ma'am. Thank you ma'am." said Mady gasping a little.

"And while the piercer is working we'll have your clit hood done as well. Normally I will leave that free of your chastity. I want you unpenetrated rather than unpleasured. And I know elliot is very skilled."

"He is ma'am. Very." said Mady.

"Well there is no harm in him practicing on my handmaiden is there." I said. "Especially if she is wearing her pretty rings and lock."

"No ma'am, no harm at all. Actually, I think practice makes perfect and he is getting pretty close to perfect."

"He is, but I am sure we can make him even better."

We left it at that. Mady was smiling the quiet smile of a woman who knew her place.


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  1. Interesting developments I am sure the rest of the readers would love to see what elliot's dog car looks like, do you have have him wear a horse head harness with a bit? I am sue he would love to be made wear a cute two piece swimsuit when pulling it, or a cute tennis skirt

  2. Good afternoon, Ma'm. As someone who regularly receives a healthy dose of corporeal from my Mistress, would you kindly elaborate on the details and severity of how you punish Eliot. I believe you used the phrase "soundly whipped". Is that literally true? Please forgive my very prurient inquiry.

    Also, I would love to see Maddie post on occasion. Many thanks in advance and the best of Holidays to you all.

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